Register for a permanent

You must have an Ontario Cycling membership and have read the latest OC Return to Sport updates. Please visit Ontario Cycling for the latest information about group riding during the pandemic.

A Permanent ride is one of the existing Randonneurs Ontario brevet routes ridden outside of the normal Brevet schedule. Any current Randonneurs Ontario member may propose riding a Permanent, with at least 2 weeks notice before the proposed date. Once approved, there can be no changes to the request, except at the discretion of the Chapter VP and Treasurer.

Standard brevet rules apply for Permanents. Control cards must be completed during the ride, including start and end. Permanents do not take the place of brevets for the ACP Super Randonneur award, nor will they count for qualification for PBP.

Learn more about our permanents program.

Must match what you used to register with Ontario Cycling.

Available routes

Available routesSee the full routes in our route archive.
Starting time

A Permanent can start at any Control on the posted route, so long as the posted route is followed completely.

A Permanent can be ridden as posted or in reverse, so long as the posted route is followed completely.

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