Upcoming Events

Toronto Chapter

  • Saddle Sisters 34
    Sat December 23 2023 10:00
    The Good Neighbour, 238 Annette St, Toronto
  • New Years 25
    Mon January 1 2024 10:00
    Tim Horton's 731 Eastern Avenue, Toronto

Huron Chapter

  • Jumbo's 2-Port Romp 75
    Sat April 20 2024 09:00
    Tim Hortons 191 Talbot St. St Thomas, ON N5P 1A8
  • Windsor 62
    Sat April 27 2024 09:00
    Tim Horton's 5 Amy Croft Dr Windsor

Ottawa Chapter

  • Carleton Place 40
    Sat March 16 2024 10:00
    Cavanagh Community Park, Ashton
  • Osgoode 60
    Sat March 23 2024 10:00
    Osgoode Community Centre, Osgoode

Simcoe Chapter

Randonneurs Ontario Access Grant

The Randonneurs Ontario Access Grant is designed to reduce barriers to the ultra-distance riding community. This access grant is for someone from a group under-represented in the ultra-distance riding community that would have otherwise not been able to participate in Randonneurs Ontario events.

We will be accepting applications until midnight EDT on May 14, 2023

Apply for the RO Access Grant
Randonneurs Ontario Access Grant

About us

Randonneurs Ontario is an ultra-distance cycling club. We've been riding 200km+ events southern Ontario since 1982.

Randonneurs Ontario is affiliated with the Audax Club Parisien, the parent organization governing the qualification of riders wishing to participate in the 1200K Paris - Brest - Paris Randonnee. The club is also affiliated with Les Randonneurs Mondiaux, which provides recognition for brevets other than Paris - Brest - Paris that are longer than 1000K.

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Recent member reports

The Great Canada Bicycle Tour 600km brevet ride report by Michael Charland

How not to Ride a Brevet – A Long-winded Tale About  The Great Canadian Bicycle Ride Tour (GCBT) is a 600km bike ride in honour of the 140th anniversary of the original ride done done in 1883. For a great in-depth article see: https://blog.randonneursontario.ca/?p=1361. It was held on May 6th and 7th of 2023. The Day Before…  I chose to ride from home to Burlington which was about 100km. Long term plans here are get use to riding consecutive long-distance rides. Ride went super smooth as I took it really, really easy. I road through Joe Sames Leisure Park which was really nice. I arrived at ar...

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“As we remember it…” a conversation by Howard Rogers and Phil Mallette

Howard: My early recollection was that Jim Griffin and I went out for a meal to get ourselves stuffed up with lots of pasta and to get to the start pretty early. He returned to the hotel to prepare the bicycles at around about 11p.m. suppose, only to be told we couldn’t go into the courtyard where our bicycles were kept to get them ready. After 20 mtnutes of arguing we were contemplating all sorts of dastardly deeds to the poor bastard behind the desk. He didn’t seem to understand that it was exceedingly important for us to get our two bicycles and to get to the start of the event. He didn’t b...

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2022 Virtual Symposium

On 16 February 2022 we held our second Virtual Symposium! A perfect way to get better acquainted with randonneuring and to help you pull through the winter to get to the season start.

Topics included: Hardware: The right stuff for randonneuring; Software: Nutrition, night riding, and mental toughness; Categories of rides: Brevets, Devil's Week and the flèche; Grand Brevets: Granite Anvil and Paris-Brest-Paris; Randonneurs Ontario awards; A first-hand experience riding a 1,000km brevet; Moderated Q&A with the speakers

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