Parry Sound

600 Brevet

Start locationParry Sound
Start timeSat June 10 2023 06:00
RouteParry Sound

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Randonneurs Ontario is an ultra-distance cycling club. We've been riding long distance rides from of Toronto and southern Ontario since 1982.

Randonneurs Ontario is affiliated with the Audax Club Parisien, the parent organization governing the qualification of riders wishing to participate in the 1200K Paris - Brest - Paris Randonnee. The club is also affiliated with Les Randonneurs Mondiaux, which provides recognition for brevets other than Paris - Brest - Paris that are longer than 1000K.

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The Great Canada Bicycle Tour 600km brevet ride report by Michael Charland

How not to Ride a Brevet – A Long-winded Tale About  The Great Canadian Bicycle Ride Tour (GCBT) is a 600km bike ride in honour of the 140th anniversary of the original ride done done in 1883. For a great in-depth article see: It was held on May 6th and 7th of 2023. The Day Before…  I chose to ride from home to Burlington which was about 100km. Long term plans here are get use to riding consecutive long-distance rides. Ride went super smooth as I took it really, really easy. I road through Joe Sames Leisure Park which was really nice. I arrived at ar...

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Kemble Rock 200km ride report by Carey Chappelle

Huron Chapter’s Kemble Rock 200km Brevet! The Kemble Rock 200 held this past Wednesday had 5 Ontario Randonneurs Signed Up! Only 4 Showed Up Ready to Go! Rob Shedden didn’t show up, so he gets credit as the SMARTEST RANDONNEUR of all!  John Kieffer took this pic of the other 3 Starters, Chris Cossonnet, Carey Chappelle and John Cumming I had received a few emails prior to the ride wrt the Weather Forecast. Having seen Sunshine in the morning with 31km winds from the SW changing midday to 52km winds from the NW and a Wind Gust of 72 km / hr and SNOW that would last through the evening, I let e...

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